As we have already mentioned we are focusing on the
renovation of the ballet room at Casa Semear during our time here.

This past week or so
has seen lots of work going on with the ballet room being improved. We have had
the beam being installed and welded into place (lots of sparks flying then);
the beam then being all cemented and blocked up so that we can then plaster it
with the rest of the room; making the door space larger; taking out the
existing windows and installing new clear paned windows in their place to get
more light into the space; pulling down a portion of the ceiling which was all
cracked and refilling & cementing and lots of clearing, sorting and
cleaning in the midst.

Callum has been enjoying his role as Sr Luiz’s right hand
man, mixing concrete, sorting the ‘scaffolding’, cleaning the tools and other
odd jobs as well as getting his hands dirty with the bigger jobs. We both got our
hands dirty with the windows coming out – even though Sr Luiz would often pass
the hammer to Callumthat didn’t stop Kirsty from getting involved and using her
muscles too!

We are hoping that the plastering will be completed early
this week to allow us to paint the room before we leave on Saturday. Also
budget permitting we hope to be able to refloor the whole room.

If you would like to support the work of Casa Semear please
donate via our GoFundMe page here