Arts & Crafts day is one of the most fun in the Casa
Semear week.

The variety of things that are now made during Arts &
Craft time is expanding and as well as the well known and loved bead keyrings
they also make wooden candle holders, Christmas decorations, bracelets, and

This past week the younger kids have also been making a
variety of decorations for Casa Semears own Christmas parties on 10th
& 11th December. They have loved getting their hands dirty with
glue and sequins and create something which they could all enjoy.

We have been extremely impressed with the skills of the
older boys who have been making the wooden candle holders. These are a fairly
recent development as they have been trying to use these times not only to have
fun but also to help develop practical skills. They really enjoy being able to
use the various tools and create something so impressive. There is currently
talk about one or more of the boys enrolling in a woodwork course for 2 years
to allow them to then go on to work. This requires them to sit a fairly
challenging entrance test so please pray for this.

We are going to be packing our suitcases full of these
wooden tealight holders. If you want to make sure that we have one (or more!)
for you then please comment below or send us a message. The large ones (fitting
2 tealights) cost £6 and the small ones (holding 1 tealight) are £4. We will
also be bringing home a fresh collection of keyrings and some of the Christmas

As always if you would like to support the work of Casa
Semear please donate via our GoFundMe page at