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This blog is writen by various people as they volunteer and work in Casa Semear in Sao Paulo Brazil.

Friday – games day

2015 Kirsty/Callum Posted on Sat, November 07, 2015 12:55:44

Friday’s at Casa Semear are game day where the kids can come along and have the chance to play, hang out and generally be kids!

it was also a special Friday as they celebrated all of the birthdays that have occurred over the past 2 moths and we had cake and juice together. Callum even surprised the kids with a rendition of happy birthday on the bagpipes. The kids were amazed by the bagpipes and many of them even tried to play them!

the kids were great at getting us involved – although we have realised the danger of not being entirely sure of the language and agreeing to anything – Kirsty got her toe and finger nails painted(in a variety of colours) and even was subjected to some face paint!

callum spent much of the time playing football with some of the kids and quickly realised that scottish feet are not as hardy as Brazilian ones quickly getting some blisters!

it was great fun though and totally worth it!

Thursday – the building work begins!

2015 Kirsty/Callum Posted on Sat, November 07, 2015 12:32:03

On Thursday Sr Luiz, the ‘resident’ builder for Casa Semear came round to get started on the ballet room renovation.

We had to start by chipping holes into the walls to try and locate the rooms concrete beams. To support the room (and the building above!) a steel beam is to be inserted so we needed to find the places to support the ends of the beam. This resulted in us finding that one end of the room had 3(!) walls which we had to break through to find the main wall containing the beam. Once we located the correct places we then had to make sure the holes were big enough to get the beam in.

We then went to buy the beam which was do be delivered later in the day.

On our return Sr Luiz was going to head home as he hadn’t been feeling great but instead he stuck around for the rest of the afternoon and we broke down a section of wall to make the entrance into the room larger. We both got busy with breaking down the wall –
Much to Sr Luiz’s surprise!

By the end of the day we were extremely dusty but glad that we have taken the first steps in improving the ballet room. On Monday the beam will be installed and then we will be plastering the whole room.