Today is a ‘quiet’ day at Casa Semear as there are no kids.
Instead the focus is on the wider Abba organsiation, with the Abba group having
their team meeting in the afternoon.

In the morning we decided to get to work on the things that
need done around the house starting with the new kitchen door that needed
painted. We managed to fit in 2 coats of both sides of the door in the morning
before having to head off for our bus to across town to the meeting.

It was really good to attend the Abba meeting, the group has
really grown in the 5 years since Kirsty was last in Brazil – so encouraging!
We met a number of people who work in the other Abba projects throughout the
city (10 in all!) and had the chance to share news, prayer requests and
otherwise support one another. After the meeting we shared drinks and cake and
more chat! We even had a rendition (several!) of Let it go & Do you wanna
build a snowman? from Frozen with two of the kids currently living in Casa
Elohim where the meeting took place. They were quite unimpressed that we didn’t
know all of the words and tried to teach us how to sing it in Portuguese. We
didn’t do too well…..

On the way home we stopped at a local building supply store
and bought trim for the edge of the door frame. It cost us 18 Reals (about
£3-4!!). After dinner we painted the trim and the frame of the door. We also
cleared the ballet room ready for Sr Luiz coming tomorrow to start work on
getting the room renovated. Now its off to bed to make sure that we have lots
of energy for the work tomorrow.