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This blog is writen by various people as they volunteer and work in Casa Semear in Sao Paulo Brazil.

Day 1 photos

2015 Kirsty/Callum Posted on Tue, November 03, 2015 22:25:05

Day 1 @ Casa Semear

2015 Kirsty/Callum Posted on Tue, November 03, 2015 22:02:55

Today we have had our first experience of Casa Semear kids
programme. The activities are run in morning and afternoon sessions as the
children here only go to school for half of the day.

Things started just after 9am when the first children began
to arrive for some breakfast before things kicked off. We all shared rolls and
strong, sugary, milky coffee and Callum and I were greeted with endless hugs
and kisses from all of the children as they arrived.

The children are split into 4 different groups: the 5-8 year
olds led by Dora; the 8-11’s led by Jai & Fillipe; the teenage girls led by
Silvana & Dorothe; and the teenage boys led by Robert.

A Tuesday is focused on the bible study classes for all of
the groups. We joined in with the groups as they sang songs, learned stories,
drew pictures, talked and played games. We were even put on the spot to sing a
song with the younger group so sang a favourite from St Mary’s ‘Our God is a
Great Big God’.

Also on a Tuesday the girls take part in ballet lessons for
part of the time. They are practicing for a performance as part of their end of
year celebrations and it was great to see them practicing together. See below
for some photo evidence.

We also managed to squeeze in a trip to the local
supermarket to get some supplies and also a DIY store to get some paint for the
first task on our list – painting the kitchen door!

We are looking forward to tomorrow when we will be doing
some painting, attending the Abba team meeting and going with Laura &
Filipe on their outreach into one of the local favelas. For now it’s time to
try and brush up on some more Portuguese!