Today was primarily a “clear up and clear out” day. Over the past couple of weeks we’ve made a significant amount of mess. The dust sheets cover any available bits of floor, the paint tins are dotted around in many different “convenient” spaces throughout the house, the tools have been flung far and wide and of course, not to mention all the dust and debris that’s been piling up day to day. So, today’s focus was to leave the house in a useable condition – if not even a little better than when we arrived.

The boys put the finishing touches to the arts and crafts room. It’s an unbelievable transformation. Three weeks ago it was literally bare brick, and now it’s freshly plastered ready for painting. Clearing up did give us a chance to really see the difference our work has made to the house. It will all make for a very good “before and after” show when we return! Home Makeover eat your heart out.

The kids came as per usual and we made some keyrings and played games with them. It was nice to be a little less work focused today and be able to really give our time to the children. There is a sense of familiarity now between the children and the Tios, that we’re all part of Casa Semear, but the reality of our imminent departure is sneaking up on us. It doesn’t feel like it’s been three weeks. We’ve achieved so much but the time has gone all too quickly it’s been hard to take it in.

In the evening the whole team went out for a last meal to a very nice churrascaria called Buffalo. There were all nine of the Scottish team, plus the whole Meikle family, Dora, Dorothee, Caio, Hedi and Tauane. By sheer coincidence Delton and his family were there too celebrating the birthday of one of his kids. It was like a great big family celebration. The food was wonderful, even more than the last one, and of course the boys put us to shame with their capacity to eat more food that I thought was humanly possible.

It was a great way to spend our last proper evening together, just basking in each other’s company and sharing all the memories we’ve created in the last three weeks. On the way home in one car, myself, Esther and Tauane had a “High School Musical 2” sing-athon. I’m not sure many other people in the car appreciated our entertainment but we had a great time anyway!

Tomorrow is our last day at Semear with the kids and we’ll spend the rest of the time packing and getting ready to leave. Tonight has been a wonderful, warm, family evening which I’m sure many of us will remember fondly when we think of our time together.

Amie on behalf of the group.

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