Hot, dry, sunny. The team arrived at Casa Semear at 9.15am.

Craig led devotions. Afterwards, I allocated tasks and everyone set themselves to them. Again, today, we had Caio, his wife, Dorothee, Robert and his wife, Silvana and the children.

In the morning, there was a bible study from 9.30-11.00am, with children from10- 13years, and in the afternoon, there was the children’s club from 3.30-5.30pm. We had good fun with all of them.

Caio ran me up in his car to Leroy Merlin, to buy more paint, roller handles and paint brushes. Once back, the girls continued with the various painting tasks while the guys got stuck into the art room, cementing and plastering the walls. It is hard work, and makes for a long day.

Silvana and Dora made the team our evening meal at Casa Semear. This was Robert’s idea as he wanted the work to progress, because he knows it won’t get done when we all leave to come home.

Didn’t stop work till 10.00pm! The younger members of the team also worked hard, on & off, throughout the day, as did Robert. We had our evening meal at 10.20pm.

We left Casa Semear at 11.00pm.

Gavin on behalf of the group.

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