The group were once again split and unfortunately the workers were without transport. After contacting Tim from Abba about the sick Kombi he very kindly offered to drive us over to Casa Semear in the truck or “the beast “as it’s more affectionately known. This made for a slightly later start than normal.

The plan for the next couple of days was to stay at Casa Semear anyway so once there we were fine. Gavin had walked as usual, so the three of us, Snr. Luiz was away for a long weekend, decided to kick off as we meant to go on and had a cup of tea. A constant challenge between the workers was “how many cups can you reasonably get from one tea bag”. Douglas suggests 10 but I feel 6 was our limit. Try it for yourself and leave comments to tell us how you get on.

Keen to get a start on things and get as much done as possible before the beach bums sun and surf worshipers came back it was full steam ahead into the plastering of the arts and crafts room. The day before had seen Snr. Luiz setting us up some flat reference surfaces to work to so that we could really progress things right from the start.

The plastering “brazilian style” is tough and no matter how many times Luiz shows you, when you do it, it’s never the same. However in saying that we were kind of getting the hang of it. We had a system that seemed to be working well. Gavin was tackling the high bits, due to his need for extreme sports, a double height trellis was created with a chair on top of that. Douglas and I worked as a team and as he fed the right mix of concrete into my tray I had to flick it at the wall. However when the fancy smoothing was needed it was Gavin who did his magic. Without Luiz to check our work as we went it was what we thought that mattered.

By the end of the day, with a stop for lunch of course we were pretty pleased with the progress, while it was no where near completed, the room was looking better with each plastered wall. Even from this stage we could see there was a real chance of getting the room plastered and painted before we would have to go home. This spurred us on even more.

We decided on a fairly reasonable finish time for the night and agreed an early start in the morning would help things seeing as we were actually staying at Casa Semear.

As it was just the three of us a trip to the restaurant area of the Interlagos shopping complex was in order. Gavin set off early to get washed and changed and Douglas and I followed about 30 to 45 minutes later. The shopping mall is about a 30 minute walk from Casa Semear. I’m sure there are a few shortcuts you could take, but we felt it wise to stick to the main road that we knew. The option was always there if we wanted a taxi back at night but later it turned out to be such a nice night we just walked back.

By the time we returned it was time for Bed, and my best efforts to have a conversation with Douglas were being hampered by my inability to keep my eyes open.

The early start on the Sunday morning was a great idea and in no time, after a cup of tea of course, we were back in full swing. Our main objective was to get as much done as possible for the team returning. Having progressed around the room at low level, we needed to move the platforms in order to get the high level as well.

With a quick break for lunch, good old French toast, we decided to call it a day after a few hours and a good clean and tidy up. Gavin had just left when the beach goers returned. Everyone was suitably impressed with the progress. And everyone agreed that the room should be plastered and painted by the time we were to leave.

The plan had always been to go to Roberts Church in the evening so with everyone back together again and a quick exchange of stories then it was across town to the Girls house, picking up Gavin on the way, to get ready.

See the following account of the Sunday for details of the service.

Craig on behalf of the group.

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