Second earliest start of the trip resulted in a pre 7am wake up. The men found this to be of no problem as usual. The women not so much…. Gavin led devotions on John 9 and tied the story in with peoples view of impairments and this related to his previous role as headmaster Gadburn Special School.

Major construction work had to be completed today on the house in the back (affectionately nicknamed ‘Casa Dora’). Several tonnes of concrete mix had to form a roof on the house and provide a floor on the second storey. The girls finished the rest of the plastering and then had the task of sanding the corridor and even got the painting started. One of the kids from the club, Alan, is a brilliant artist and has been designated a section in the corridor to work his magic and produce another mural in the house. The team spent about 6 hours completing their various tasks and then the roof was finally filled, after some effort from Senor ‘machine’ Luiz and ‘Tank’ Orlando.

Lunch was made by Silvana and Dora and it was an awesome, traditional Brazilian dish called feijoada. This is a kind of black bean stew made with various meats including beef and pork. As with virtually all the food the team have been fed it was delicious and many had a spot of seconds. And in the case of Matthew and Dora some sneaky thirds were had. Feijoada was followed by Silvana’s home-made passion fruit mousse. Again, delicious was the word that comes to mind again.

The kids arrived at half 3 as usual and a woman from Ghana named Shella came and helped. Various games were played and this blogger failed to win a game of Portuguese Monopoly deal much to his disappointment. The kids produced all the usual banter and it was great to see them smile, have a laugh and just be kids despite all the troubles at home. Its times like these that make the trip worthwhile.

After the kids departed at half 5 the team were beyond knackered and after a quick trip home some reflective banter was had before most chilled and slept. Hope everyone is doing good.

God bless

Stuart on behalf of the group.

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